How can we help you?

How can we help you?

 With our webinars we make sure that you grab and keep attention. Attention from the target audiences that matter to your business. Because attention is in the things that make a difference. And that’s exactly what we stand for. 

We are Online Seminar.

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We think beyond features, systems and technology. We make sure you'll experience the benefits of data and technology. We have attention for the details. We listen. We engage. You will feel it. And your customers and users as well.

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Nowadays there is an overload of data: on social media, in customer databases, in campaigns. We believe that data can only be relevant when you gain insights from them. What do you really know about your customer and how can you help your target audience in the best possible way? We enrich and make smarter. That is what really helps your organisation.

How do we manage it?


Technology is supposed to be invisible. It has to facilitate that which you need most: attention from your audience for your message. We make sure of it using a state-of-the-art platform. A platform that you can use without any effort, and most importantly: that is extremely secure. Use technology the way it is intended: contact with your audience.

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Success stories

Success stories

We are proud of our clients who we have often been working with for a long time. When we ask them why they enjoy working with us, they say three things: your service is outstanding, the platform is state-of-the-art and the data is very rich.
These are their stories.


Inform employees effectively with webinars

Johnson & Johnson

Leading the way in pharma with webinars


Webinars as an interactive training tool


The webinar as an interactive marketing tool


Number of webinars

With more than 10.000 successful webinars, we have been Benelux's webinar expert for 10 years.


Number of webinars

With more than 10.000 successful webinars, we have been Benelux's webinar expert for 10 years.

Who we work for

Online Seminar works for top-notch brands and is frontrunner in five industries: financial services, business services, media, governments and healthcare & pharma. Our specialists help you to create webinars that suit your target audience perfectly. We know the challenges in your industry and offer solutions that smoothly match those challenges.

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Who are we?

Attention is what it’s all about. Attention for people and attention for technology. We believe that this combination enables us to achieve the best results for you as a customer. That’s why our team includes specialists in all areas. We happily introduce them to you.


What are the latest innovations in the field of webinars? What are the best ways to present a webinar? And how can you use webinars in e-learning in an effective way? These are our updates.

Why a webinar director is essential

At Online Seminar we make sure to deliver full service and top quality. That's why there also is a director present at every webinar, to keep everything on the right track. But what exactly does a director do? Quinten Demaret explains the process.

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Eleven things you should really avoid during a webinar

Since corona a lot more companies have been organizing webinars. And sometimes things can go wrong. Do you want to prevent big blunders? These are the eleven things to really avoid, according to our webinar expert Cindy Ottenhoff.

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Virtual congresses in healthcare: how does it work?

Since the coronavirus outbreak the demand for virtual congresses has skyrocketed immensely. Something that was considered impossible before. And they appear to have interesting side effects. Project manager Mirella Mels explains the ins and outs.

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