OnlineSeminar your #1 webinar platform

Europe's most user-friendly webinar platform has unprecedented possibilities with regard to interaction and data collection during live and on demand webinars. Always, everywhere, and on any device. 

Interaction with your target audience is what determines the success of your webinar.

The webinar platform of OnlineSeminar is based on interaction!

OnlineSeminar is the webinar solution for lead generation, e-learning, internal and external communication.  

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Image of laptop, participants follow webinar

Lead generation webinar

In the extremely competitive market of financial organizations, OnlineSeminar is leading supplier of webinar software. No other webinar platform has this many possibilities with regard to conversion. Transparent, accurate, and directly applicable data is essential with lead generation webinars.

Participants who watch webinar on a laptop

E-learning webinar

You can easily educate and train staff, franchisees, professional groups, students, or other target groups on a large scale with OnlineSeminar’s testing and automatic accreditation module. Online testing and accreditation for Permanent Education is part of the standard options of an e-learning webinar.

Image of laptop, with webinar environment

In- & external communication webinar

Present your quarterly results or launch a new product line in a closed webinar, for registered attendees only. Securely share confidential information, wherever in the world your employees, customers, clients, and other stake holders are located.

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