About OnlineSeminar

Welcome at OnlineSeminar! The webinar expert with Europe’s most user-friendly webinar platform and unprecedented possibilities for interaction and data collection. We support you in getting your message across, live and interactive. Always, everywhere, and on every device. Webinars are seminars or presentations broadcasted live and online, hence our name OnlineSeminar.

OnlineSeminar believes that webinars are more than recorded online presentations. Our belief is that your story should actually reach your target audience. You accomplish this due to the interactivity of our webinars. During the broadcast of your webinar you get in touch with your participants live, by means of polls and the chat, and afterwards they fill out your survey. Hereby you’ll have a wide range of valuable information at your disposal about your webinar and your participants.

Webinar expert

OnlineSeminar’s webinar software is leading within the European webinar market. A team of developers works on the innovation and improvement of the webinar platform on a daily basis. Hosting a webinar at OnlineSeminar is therefore remarkably simple. If desired, our team supports you every step of the way. As our customer, you are always in total control of the webinar pricing, thanks to the transparent way of working of OnlineSeminar.

Our story

OnlineSeminar was founded in 2009. Since then, we have established a loyal client base in different market segments and we continue to expand our business. In the financial sector we are European market leader. The majority of our customers are legal, insurance, consultancy, automotive, engineering, logistics, publishing, media, and education companies. However, the application options of the OnlineSeminar platform are endless, and not restricted to any kind of industry.

Vital tool

An increasing number of organizations acknowledge the importance of interactive online communication. Whether it’s about communicating with employees, training students, or spreading product information, to our customers, the webinar platform from OnlineSeminar has become a vital tool.

International ambition

OnlineSeminar has offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Our webinar platform has unequivocal advantages in comparison to other European webinar suppliers. We therefore have substantial ambitions for the upcoming years regarding the European market.

Our vision

The demand for interactive online communication as support to professional organization’s business is becoming stronger and stronger.

Our mission

OnlineSeminar offers interactive, innovative and state-of-the-art online communication by means of webinars. We deliver your story in the best possible way, completely measurable and supported by our team of expert consultants.