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Attention is what it’s all about for us. Attention for people, data and technology. We believe that this enables us to achieve the best results for you as a customer.

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From 2009 to the present

In 2009 we looked at the world of physical events and thought: this can be done so much more efficiently. All those participants who must be at a certain location at the same time. With webinars you save a lot of time and money, you can actively involve participants from all over the world and you collect valuable data as a company.

This observation marked the start of Online Seminar: the webinar platform for the business market.

In recent years, we have built up a loyal customer base and we are market leader in the financial industry. We are also very active in business services, media, healthcare, pharma and government. Our customers appreciate our state-of-the-art platform, our high level of security and our enormous attention to their needs.

And now we are adding a new chapter with our Self Service solution. Which will help new and existing customers to create high quality webinars as easy and smooth as possible.

Employees Online Seminar

‘I am proud to be part of the Online Seminar team, a team of enthusiastic, driven people who continuously strive to improve the platform and our services.’

Jasper Poot, Head of Sales

International ambitions

Over the years, we have grown into an international company, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Our ambition is to become one of the largest players in the world and make webinars a regular part of the marketing mix for the business market. And to live up to this ambition it is crucial we have a state of the art Self Service platform besides our Enterprise solution

What we stand for

The top of the mountain | Can do


Each story is unique and we offer the best solution to share it. Customization is therefore always key. We don’t stop until we succeed and get it done. We always deliver quality.

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Together we are most successful, which is why we cooperate and are interested in each other’s ideas. We get the most out of each story, because we connect valuable insights, customers and technology. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

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High performance

We offer the best service & experience and have the guts to try, learn and develop. There is always room for improvement, which is why we continue to work on technology that works simply and intuitively, anytime, anywhere. Fail faster, fail forward.

Great to meet you!

1000 customers, 25,000 webinars and more than 1 million interactive viewers: for 13 years now, we are the webinar expert of Europe.