Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Online Seminar strives to shape the global landscape of the digital dialogue. Online interactive communication enables people to truly connect with each other. To realize the standard for this new way of interacting, we continuously have five goals in mind.

1. Enable global access within a sustainable society

Online interactive communication is inherently independent of time and location. These strengths make it possible to cross (inter)national boundaries in a heartbeat. We want everyone to have access to the digital dialogue, whenever and wherever. Not only does this lead to a greater reach, it also contributes to a more sustainable, environment-friendly society.

2. Provide meaningful insights

Organizations can only engage with their customers if they know who they are talking to. We facilitate a webinar platform that makes all online interactions measurable in every way possible. This way, we enable organizations to fully grasp their target audience, transforming data to meaningful user profiling.

3. Ensure continuous technological development

Especially in this rapidly advancing technological landscape we understand how important it is to stay relevant. Combining our own webinar platform and the expertise of an in-house development team, we want to stay a technological frontrunner - irrespective of the client’s wishes.

4. Become the thought leader in online communication

We are proud to have facilitated more than 15.000 interactive broadcasts to over two million viewers. As a full service provider we have gained expertise in everything that is related to the digital dialogue. We aim to share this knowledge continuously, so we can help organizations to stay optimally connected with their audiences.

5. Make interactive communication even more irreplaceable

It is our firm belief that interactive communication solutions – like webinars - are full-fledged media channels. As such, they are an integral part of the communication mix of organizations. We are driven to advocate this irreplaceable role and try to ensure that these solutions can mature even further within the media landscape.

Our mission and core values

Our mission is crystal clear: by combining people, data and technology, we enable the world to deliver their message, engage with their audience, and gain valuable insights. These are the three core values that make this mission possible.


Every story is unique, and it is exactly for this reason that we continue our work until we find the best solution. Our can-do mentality shines through in everything we do.


Interactive communication is impossible without connecting. At Online Seminar we provide just that: we believe that the synergy of people, data and technology is the ideal recipe for making meaningful connections.

High performance

We offer full service from beginning to end, and have the courage to continuously try, learn and develop. There is always room for improvement, which is why we keep on working on technology that is globally accessible and intuitive to use.