Our team

Our employees are engaged, driven and enthusiastic about everything that has to do with webinars. We like you to meet them.

Jelte Bergman
Project Manager Healthcare

As Project Manager Healthcare, I am closely involved in the onboarding of new clients within the pharmaceutical industry, building and maintaining online client portals and organizing all webinars, virtual meetings and congresses. Online Seminar is a great company to work for with nice, involved colleagues who all pursue the same goal, delivering high quality work for our clients. In my spare time I can be found in the kitchen or at one of my two children's sports clubs.

Victor van der Boom
Online Marketer

Online Seminar is technologically advanced and customer-oriented. This combination makes the company the perfect place where I, as an online marketer, can express my creativity. I'm glad that I'm able to juggle in complete freedom with web development, SEO and content.

Whenever I leave the digital world, you will find me on the climbing wall, in the cinema or deeply immersed in a good book.

Sjors van den Camp
Business Unit Manager

I'm the Business Unit Manager of the Healthcare team. We focus on customers worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry. I have been closely involved in onboarding Johnson & Johnson, and building six medical forums for this client.

My free time can easily be combined with what I do for work: lots of travelling, good food and getting to know new places and people!

Quinten Demaret
Technical Manager

As the Technical Manager, I am responsible for the technical operation of our studios and with clients on location. I am constantly looking for the latest technical developments to implement so that we can turn every webinar into a high-quality product. I also manage the production team and make sure that the right people are at the right location with the knowledge to make every webinar into a success. In my spare time I like to work on old cars, make music, go to concerts and enjoy a beer with friends in the pub.

Michel Hardholt
Accounting Assistant

As Accounting Assistant, I am responsible for the bookkeeping. I make sure that everything is booked correctly, people approve their invoices and make sure that all invoices enter the accounting system correctly. I am also in contact with the external accountant if matters need to be resolved and sorted out and maintain close contact with the company's management team.

Rico Hoeboer
Business Development Manager

I maintain and develop existing partnerships and also create opportunities with new clients. My focus is on the following segments: legal, education and healthcare. I have been involved in several challenging projects. For example, I was responsible for Pharming's first investor relations webinars and we set up a complete in-house studio at Allen & Overy Amsterdam.

In addition to the fact that 99% of my life exists of Online Seminar, I also do things besides work once in a while. This can be caught in the following areas: playing football at Arsenal 1, meeting up with friends and doing fun things with my girlfriend.

Pascal Langen
Project Coordinator Healthcare

In the past four years I have been involved with practically all customers, both in the traditional markets and Healthcare. In addition, I helped set up the support department, gave training (internal and external) and supervised the Dutch production team. A customer who leaves with a good feeling makes me proud.

A summary of my spare time: sports, travelling, restaurants, drinks, socializing.

Jacinta Lutterop
Marketing & Development Manager

In my role as Marketing & Development Manager, coordinating and developing our webinar & e-learning tool are two important tasks. In addition, I am also creatively involved in many marketing projects of the company. A versatile role that suits me well and makes me very happy. I love to dance, sing, sail and enjoy dinner with family and friends.

Mirella Mels
Project Manager

I am a Project Manager Healthcare and I am involved in the webinars and film projects we do for Johnson & Johnson. Recently we started making podcasts for this client (a new feature). I also play a role in setting up project management processes in our Healthcare department.

Outside working hours, I like socializing with friends, architecture, photography and netflixing.

Nicky van Mil
Office Manager

I am the Office Manager of the company and ensure a pleasant welcome at the office. Every day I provide a good and tasty lunch for everyone. I am most proud of my colleagues: everyone is helping each other.

In my spare time I like to work out and I like to have a drink with my friends.

Cindy Ottenhoff
Business Development Manager

I am working as a business development manager for 2 years now and I'm responsible for our financial and media partners. I am mainly involved in advising, guiding and developing existing and new partners. I am proud of our ever driven, supportive and advising Online Seminar team, and our beautiful partners for whom we facilitate all webinars with great passion.

In my spare time I do a lot of fun things with friends, and I enjoy sports and shopping.

Marthijn Pieters

As CEO, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations at home and abroad. From vision and strategy to execution and analysis. Over the past six years, I have been involved in bringing the company from 15 to 150 active corporate clients. We set up this company with our own resources and the commitment of our people. That gives us a great feeling and a lot of energy to continue.

I prefer to spend my free time with my family. I like to stand next to the sports field to encourage my kids. I also have a passion (weakness) for good food and drinks. But what I enjoy the most is when I have breakfast with my family on Sunday morning and share all exciting stories of the past week. 

Jasper Poot
Business Development Manager

Within Online Seminar I advise and assist new and existing clients. I help them think about how they can successfully integrate or further develop webinars in their own organisation. My focus is on government, non-profit, industry and technology.

Besides my work, I enjoy travelling, playing football, diving, festivals, new wines and discovering good restaurants with family and friends.

Kim Torsing
Operations director

As Operations Director I monitor the processes and the quality of the company. This includes obtaining and maintaining the ISO27001 certificate. In addition, I focus on talent and competence management among employees. I get excited by working with passionate teams within a process environment.

In my spare time I like to work as a volunteer at KNGF Guide Dogs where I enjoy the interaction with the dogs.

Eveline Liesmons
Senior Project Manager
Esther Vreeswijk
Junior Project Manager

Recently I started working as a junior project manager at Online Seminar. There is a pleasant and professional atmosphere here. I really like the combination of different clients and technology!

In my spare time I like to be with my friends.

Tyka Whitfield
Junior Application Manager

As Junior Application Manager I am involved in developing and improving our platform together with our development team. One of the ways I do this is by testing new and existing functionalities in order to guarantee the quality of the platform. I also support my colleagues with technical questions about the platform.

In my spare time I am busy with crossfit and you can often find me in the cinema.

Noah Hehuat
Marketing Assistant

I'm doing an internship here for my communications education. During my internship I assist with the marketing activities of the company.

In my spare time I play basketball and I like to go to parties.