E-learning: webinar as a classroom

A webinar is an efficient and interactive platform for e-learning. Your training course or seminar can be watched in real-time by thousands of participants at the same time, anywhere and on any device. You are not only saving costs, but (travel) time as well. And there is a convenient on-demand version for everyone that wants to access the study material in the future.

e-learning webinar

Testing and accreditation

Whenever you give an online lecture, you can set up specific test requirements. For example, you can implement a minimum attendance percentage, use poll questions as participation indicators and activate a test immediately after the seminar. The participant can be automatically rewarded with an official certificate. And in case of failure, you may wish to implement one or multiple retakes.

E-learning reports

The OnlineSeminar platform registers the answers and afterwards sends a full report to all participants. You have total control on how to set-up these e-mails. For example, if someone doesn’t meet the required conditions, you can invite them for an upcoming webinar or send them additional course information.

e-learning webinar

Webinars on-demand

You can share an on-demand version of the webinar afterwards, so the viewer may consult the relevant information in the future. Even then the test will be available for all the course participants. In that way, people won’t necessarily have to tune in live. This is ideal for home study scenarios.