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8th Convention on co-operative banking

Organised every two years, the EACB convention is a landmark event for co-operative banks at European and international level. This year, due to the Covid-19 crisis it will be organised online as a webinar. The event will be an opportunity to listen to and exchange with high level regulators, supervisors, and policy makers and representatives of the co-operative banking sector.

What will be the topics on the agenda?

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted life around the world. The pandemic places many challenges for banks and local co-operative banks. Governments and Europe have issued relief packages to help SME’s and corporate afloat during the pandemic, but repairing the economy will require a new deal for more solidarity. European banks finance more than 80% of the economy and are therefore "part of the solution".

* Does the current regulatory environment give banks, and in particular co-operative banks, the means and incentives to fully play their role in supporting SMEs and households?

* The increase in risks in a context of low profitability related to the level of interest rates raises questions about the sustainability of business models.

* What is the leeway to continue or even accelerate the digitalisation of retail banking?

This health crisis should not hide climate change neither and the risks associated with it. Co-operative banks are engaged at all levels in this fight over the long term. The authorities had announced ambitious objectives and started to implement programs to meet the challenges and respect the Paris agreement.

* What will happen in the future?

* Is the transition to a green and sustainable economy being called into question?

* What will remain of the European Green deal?

The health crisis and the climate crisis has highlighted the strength and the weakness of the market economy. Many consider that tomorrow's world will be different and will require more solidarity, more interdependence between individuals, more ethics and more respect for the environment. Co-operative banks and their specific model anchored in the local economy share these concerns. The values they convey of mutual aid, proximity, good governance and participatory democracy are an illustration of this


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October 2020

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