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Join us to talk about natural refrigerants

Join us to talk about natural refrigerants

Learn from the experts why to make the switch from F-Gas refrigerants to the more environmentally-friendly, future-proof, energy-efficient, natural refrigerants such as Ammonia and CO2 during our first ‘Virtual’ Cooling Club webinar entitled ‘Back to the future - refrigeration technology with natural refrigerants in times of climate change’.

The webinar has taken place on Thursday 28 May 2020. You can still watch the recorded webinar by clicking the “Watch the webinar” button on the right side of the page.

Together with Professor Michael Kauffeld from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and David Blankley, Product Manager Advanced Refrigeration, GEA Refrigeration Technologies we look at the regulations surrounding the phasing out of F-Gas plants and their economic replacement with natural refrigerants, such as Ammonia and CO2. 


 Natural refrigerants are the future-proof choice.


Michael Kauffeld and David Blankley are leaders in their fields and will explain the benefits of making the switch to natural refrigerants and provide a clear insight into the way ahead for all users of industrial refrigeration systems.


The ‘Virtual’ Cooling Club
You are welcome to join us at the ‘Virtual’ Cooling Club, where we bring together people on the front line of the industrial refrigeration business and link them, through webinars, with industry specialists and their peers.  

Through our webinars we will explore the hot topics of the industry to look at government directives and regulations and how they impact the industry, and how refrigeration can become more economic, environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, future-proof and, ultimately, how your businesses can become more profitable. 




May 2020

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