Digital healthcare solutions

Engage your audience

We know how important it is for you to make contact with healthcare providers – and to maintain contact with them – to keep them abreast of both commercial and medical information.

But how do you create those valuable contact moments with a globally dispersed team of healthcare providers in a highly regulated and competitive industry? Whatever information you wish to convey, interactive webinars are the solution you need. Our interactive webinars can be accessed any time, any place, and on any device, from smartphone to desktop – as your audience chooses.

The webinars we produce for you increase customer engagement by facilitating two-way communication on a user-friendly platform.

  • This digital dialogue, through chats, polls, surveys, and test questions, means that you are truly communicating with your audience and receiving information from them
  • All data gathered during this dialogue can be used to prepare comprehensive reports and create user profiles
  • The data mining and analytics we perform can provide you with valuable insights into your audience’s activities, preferences, and level of engagement
  • Our intuitive, easy-to-use software (no plug-ins or downloads required) means that your audience has a user-friendly, engaging experience


Become a trusted resource

Healthcare providers value independent medical information. How can you provide them with a go-to resource for medical education or information in their specialty? You do so by offering a secure and trustworthy medical education platform that delivers real expertise in its field and unbiased information on any indication or in any therapy area.

Make use of the variety of features available on our platforms:

  • We customize the design of the platform to align with your corporate branding or to stand out on its own
  • We control access to the platform to drive the right content to the right audience, while taking account of your audiences’ diverse locations
  • By providing unbiased content our platform provides you with an expert-level knowledge portal
  • Webinars can also be used to offer CME accreditation
  • Our seamlessly integrated software makes it easy for you to collect data to create user profiles and detailed participation reports

Use our expertise to provide your audience with an expert-level knowledge portal that conveys trustworthy, unbiased, and independent medical information!

Trust in our expertise

Do you lack the technical knowledge or resources needed to organise professional webinars or to implement a medical education platform? Benefit from OnlineSeminar’s proven track record in digital medical programmes and consultancy. In addition to expert consultancy in the crafting of medical education platforms, we can provide professional project management and full event support.

  • To create your platform’s audiovisual components we can use our own studios or go global with our mobile studio solutions
  • Our professional film crew are not only experts in capturing key events but also are experienced in live broadcasting, recording, and video editing
  • Our marketing and digital design teams can advise on and facilitate the production of video graphics, conduct online marketing, and generate important leads

We have multiple established partnerships with professional and specialist content providers and medical marketing agencies. Use our connections and expertise to facilitate the creation of the content you need!


Business case

Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, is looking for a way to reach as many clients (healthcare providers) as possible to make them aware of new developments in a specific therapeutic area. To this end, the company is organizing a satellite symposium at one of the leading international medical congresses. To extend the reach of the symposium to clients who can’t attend, and to increase the longevity of the content discussed during the symposium, Janssen is looking for an online solution.

OnlineSeminar develops an interactive platform and offers Janssen the full-service solution of recording the symposium and broadcasting it live (thus extending reach). An on-demand version of the broadcast is available immediately after the live broadcast and remains on the platform for a specified period (thus increasing longevity).

Janssens customers are pleased to learn about the highlights of the congress in real time without having to be there themselves. We know this fact from the great results we obtained from the survey completed by customers. The useful metrics extracted during the webinar (number of viewers, time spent watching, and amount of active participation in the webinar) lead to the pharmaceutical company’s decision to develop other platforms in additional therapeutic areas.

Why OnlineSeminar healthcare?

With more than a decade of experience, OnlineSeminar has a proven track record in facilitating the presentation and production of successful webinars from all over the world. Thousands of participants have already actively engaged during webinars, presented live and on demand:

  • Studio-based roundtable discussions among experts
  • Presentation of medical news from congresses, recent publications, clinical trials, etc.
  • Live activity at congresses, with streaming of symposia and plenary sessions