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Protecting the data collected by the OnlineSeminar webinar platform is our highest priority. Our policy is aimed at protecting customers and other stakeholders as well as possible against all threats. With the achievement of ISO 27001 certification, OnlineSeminar underlines compliance with the international requirements of information security.

UMC Utrecht organizes online lectures for which they use the webinar platform of OnlineSeminar. Recently they talked about the possibilities of genetic testing when people want to realize their desire to have children. What do we want to know or not? And how far are we prepared to go for a healthy child?

Using a webinar for your online product presentation you are able to communicate directly with your target audience. Dutch organization CITO recently organized a webinar to explain new education tests to potential customers, making effective use of many of the functionalities offered by the OnlineSeminar platform.

Through years of experience with many different webinars, our support team has a wealth of knowledge that you can use to organize a successful webinar. It is advisable to start preparing in time preparing a webinar. Consider what you want to tell, to whom and what you want to achieve and create an inviting title.

Create an interactive TV program, just like RTL Z and be able to respond to current events. With an interactive broadcast using the OnlineSeminar webinar platform, you can respond perfectly to current events and you know what exactly is happening to your viewers. This can be done by using the chat functionality and by asking poll questions, among others.

OnlineSeminar's webinar platform can be used in many different ways. For example, Dutch company Zeeman recently organized an online workshop "Knitting fluffy socks" in collaboration with the ladies of Club Geluk. During the workshop, many participant questions came through the chat functionality. A good example of the interaction offered by the OnlineSeminar webinar platform.

A webinar is very suitable for training and retraining purposes. It is an efficient way of sharing knowledge online and then testing the acquired knowledge of participants immediately afterwards. Different criteria can be set which must be met for accreditation. The administration and inspection work is completely handled by the webinar software.

There is no way of avoiding a cross-media approach of viewers and readers. By setting up a solid platform with a wide range of articles, social media, blogs, vlogs, the ability to view programs on-demand and organizing interactive webinars, you can commit a larger group of people to your brand or business.

Your corporate identity is important to you. We understand that better than anyone. While you use the OnlineSeminar webinar platform, we ensure you that your webinar is fully embedded in your company branding. In this way, your message will be delivered in the best possible and most personal way to your target audience.