By using a webinar as a communication tool, a foundation or association has the opportunity to communicate interactively with potential volunteers and donors and you are able to increase the reach of your message and do not limit yourself to your regular circles.

Are you organizing a webinar for the first time to get in touch with your target group in an interactive way and to collect a wealth of valuable data about your target group? Then read these four factors that contribute to the success of a webinar.

Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. What is needed to get the most out of a webinar? Tip 9: The importance of moderators. The presenter of a webinar is not the only one who ensures a successful online seminar. Moderators are indispensable in this. But what exactly is a moderator and what is their role?

Do you want to know how the participants of your online seminar value your presentation? Or in which other topics viewers are interested. Then use a survey! The willingness to fill in a questionnaire is highest among live participants.

OnlineSeminar is an internationally operating company that offers companies unprecedented opportunities for interactive online communication and data collection through its online communication platform. With offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Madrid and a mobile studio that has already visited many locations in Europe and beyond, the global footprint is getting bigger and bigger.

The OnlineSeminar platform is very suitable for training and retraining purposes. It is highly appreciated by participants when they have the opportunity to be able to resit several times. It is now possible to set the number of resits in a test!

Webinars have established themselves as an integral part of the marketing mix and have become a regular online communication tool for the modern marketer. Content marketers see webinars as one of their most effective tools because they generate better-qualified leads.

Through years of experience with many different webinars, our support team has a wealth of knowledge that you can use to organize a successful webinar. Using a call-to-action button you direct a participant to your website in only one click or an order for a product. The button generates direct and very valuable leads.

Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. What is needed to get the most out of a webinar? Tip 8: Use a professional webinar presenter. Not everyone knows the techniques to lead a conversation efficiently. If you are planning an online presentation with several speakers or experts, then it is recommendable to use a professional presenter. He or she can take over various tasks from you.

The municipal elections in the Netherlands will take place on Wednesday, March 21st. But how do you as a political party get the voters on your side? If you do not know exactly what you stand for, your target group is not willing to commit to your party. By sharing information using an online seminar, you are in direct contact with your target group.