5 tips for a good webinar presentation

The support team of OnlineSeminar provides support in the preparation, implementation and broadcasting of full-service webinars. Through years of experience with many different online seminars, the team has a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information that you can use when organizing a webinar.

When you present a webinar at OnlineSeminar you can use your own PowerPoint slides during your presentation, that you have provided to the Support team in advance. The team ensures that the presentation is uploaded into the webinar platform and checks whether it meets the requirements.

Tips for a good webinar presentation

1. Ensure a clear structure and organization

2. Present the information on a slide in a concise manner

- Focus on the points with the most impact
- Less is really more
- Use images that support your story

3. Ensure sufficient variety

- Switch of presenter
- Show a video, product or your own online platform in between

4. Involve the webinar participant actively in your presentation

- Ask (poll) questions to the viewers
- Take time to also answer questions from viewers

5. Incite the viewer into action!

- Add a call-to-action button to your presentation and collect valuable information
- We can create this one-click action button using your own corporate identity

Practice makes perfect
Practice your story at home or at the office. You can practice in front of a mirror or you can have someone record your presentation and review it later. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments in the presentation. On the day of the webinar, you will have enough time for a dress rehearsal in the webinar studio of OnlineSeminar.

Would you like to study all aspects of presenting well for a camera? We can facilitate a training session for you, in which you are guided by a professional coach in camera presentation and speaking to public. Read the article "The usefulness of presentation training sessions" for more information.

Would you like more information about a good webinar presentation?

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