Avoid rush hour, communicate through a webinar

Dutch State Secretary Dijksma of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Traffic) announced a test in which she advises officials to avoid rush hour. She requests to schedule appointments later in the day and take fewer days off especially on Wednesdays or Fridays. In addition, Dutch railway organization NS is giving subscribers an additional 20% discount if they travel outside rush hours in the morning. Both initiatives are designed to reduce great crowds travelling at the same time between 7.30 and 8.30, the so-called 'hyper rush hour', and to spread out the morning rush hour more evenly.

The result of these initiatives is that scheduling meetings or gatherings are becoming a bigger challenge. Required participants are less often present at the same time at the same location. This is not necessarily a problem.

Organize a webinar!
Webinars are very efficient in sharing information interactively, both in internal and external communication. It saves participants a lot of time when they do not have to travel to make themselves acquainted with the information, that you want to share in your online presentation. In addition, it will not be necessary for all situations to attend a live presentation. You can offer the webinar on demand so that the information can be viewed whenever the participant wishes or has time.

How nice would it be if you can share and receive information at a time when it suits your needs?

"We see ourselves as the standard-bearer of avoiding rush hour. If this is a success, this must also be delegated to other departments."
Dutch State Secretary Dijksma

Benefit for other major organizations
We think other big organizations can also experience the benefits of organizing a webinar. Not only employees who travel by public transport can avoid rush hours, but also those who go to work by car. A major advantage of webinars is that participants can view the presentation from any location. This means they can travel less or not at all. In doing so, your organization is helping to reduce the hyper rush hour, but more importantly, you contribute to a better environment.

Do you know you can save more than 21 kg of CO2 per person per webinar?

OnlineSeminar has developed a platform that ensures that online presentations (webinars) can be viewed from any device (laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone). Both live during the webinar and on-demand when the presentation has ended. This increases the range and efficiency.

Do you want to know what organizing a webinar for your organization can mean?

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