Belgium next step in conquest European webinar market

This month we are taking a great leap: we are expanding towards Belgium. That’s not surprising actually. We watched the demand for webinars rise nationally as well as internationally. In this blog we share how our new location came about, and why we think that Belgium is going to be the next webinar super power.

Approximately six years after the startup of our company we have arrived in a phase where expansion abroad feels logical, and our company has enough capacity to guarantee the same quality and service we offer in the Netherlands. We have grown from an idea that came about in the minds of two persons towards a company with 40 FTE. The company comprises of an active sales team, a large amount of webinar production employees, a dedicated team of developers and programmers, a marketing department, and a team of account managers serving as a direct mediator of all customers.

Our software originated from the idea to bring together people from a wide distance. It has grown into a highly developed platform that enables thousands of people to participate in a webinar at the same time. One has the possibility to get PE-accreditation, it is possible to demonstrate new apps, using desktop sharing, you can use webinars as a conversion tool, etc.

Meanwhile our development team works full time on the platform, keeping it up to date, and creating new features. Innovation, new application options, and improvement have become core activities, which helps us to stay ahead in the webinar market. Rounding up: for the past years, our company, our people, and our platform, have grown based on the market and conversations with customers. We are more than ready to service our customer abroad.