Boost response - send reminders!

When you organize a webinar, the main goal is to get as many participants as possible for your interactive online presentation. After all, the more people in your target group get to know your message, the greater the number of people taking action.

You can promote your webinar to your target group in various ways. You can use your own customer database for sending e-mail invitations. This still appears to be the most direct way of approaching. Of course, you can also bring the webinar to the attention by using promotion through your own website and social media channels. If you want to approach a broader target group, a paid online marketing campaign is something to consider.

Put your webinar in the spotlight using:

  • a customer / contact-database
  • your website
  • own social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • paid online campaigns via Google Adwords or social media

The fact that someone signs up for a webinar does not mean that this person will actually participate. A show / no show percentage of about 65% * is common practice. Therefore we recommend sending multiple notifications over a period of about 2 weeks. This is possible even just before the webinar by sending one last message by mail and/or a short text message to mobile phone numbers.

Success Story
Example of a successful increase in the response shortly before a live broadcast is the webinar of our Dutch client Optimix Vermogensbeheer. Approximately an hour before the live presentation about “Expectations of the financial markets in 2018” the team decided to send out a last reminder, increasing the number of live participants by as much as 30%!

Do you like to receive more information about webinars at OnlineSeminar and our invitation and reminder strategy?

* show / no show percentage based on overall results from 2017


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