Change management: smooth transitions

It's in our DNA: strong feelings of aversion to change. Of course, it is not pleasant for a staff member who is in a good position to suddenly hear that things must be entirely different. On the other hand, without change growth is stagnant, and nine times out of ten this will be harmful to business.

But how do you get all your employees to be cooperative in the change?

Frequently-heard responses
The change is okay, but what am I doing wrong?
The change is okay, but my manager does not even know what to do.
The change is okay, but the new plan is not entirely consistent with my daily work.
The change is okay, but I would need to get tool X to be able to change.

Clear communication
The resistance often encountered in change management is the result of poor communication and direction, a non-committal nature, and a lack of sense of responsibility. And it sounds all very easy: then you need to communicate clearly and involve people.

How can this be achieved?

  1. Engage your employees in the process, making them part of that process
    This contributes to a sense of responsibility which gives the process a greater chance of success
  2. Make sure there are different communication actions
  3. Give your employees the opportunity to provide feedback

In order to prevent unnecessary time loss organizing these communication opportunities, it is important to manage this effectively.

Professional communication: organize a webinar
A webinar offers you the opportunity to communicate professionally to a large group, in which having interaction with the participants is an essential part. Using polls gives participants the opportunity to express their views on certain issues. In addition, the use of the live chat functionality gives participants the opportunity to ask questions. These questions can also be answered live by the presenters. The questions that remain unanswered can be answered later using the data from the report.

Do you also want to communicate effectively with your staff? Organize a webinar!

Contact the OnlineSeminar Account Managers. They will be happy to inform you about the possibilities offered by our webinar platform and how to use it as an internal communication tool.