CITO uses webinar as online product presentation

When you organize a webinar for the online presentation of your new products, you get the chance to get in touch with your target audience directly. This means that you are not just the sender of a message, you enable your viewers to communicate directly with you.

Dutch organization CITO recently organized a webinar to explain the updated DMT and AVI tests to potential customers. CITO is an organization for developing and administering education tests. For example to test how smoothly and accurately a child can read.

In addition to a presenter from CITO, a test expert of the organization was also present in the studio who answered questions from viewers.

Make use of the extra functionalities of a webinar
CITO took advantage of many of the functionalities that the OnlineSeminar webinar platform offers, including:

  • asking poll questions
  • dealing with viewer questions that came through the chat functionality
  • demonstrating the product (online)
  • showing a movie

In addition, it is also possible to share the screen of a device (such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone) using the desktop share functionality.

By asking participants at the start of the presentation which position they hold within education, CITO was able to get in tune with the viewers even better.

Where you connect with your target audience, you generate warm leads. This is the main reason for many companies to organize a webinar.

A webinar is an ideal tool for an online product presentation
The webinar gave CITO the opportunity to discuss the reasons for the renewal of the tests, in more detail. It was also possible to show viewers the biggest differences compared to the existing tests. Then the structure of the new products was discussed and the online platform was also shown.

During the presentation, there was ample opportunity for participants to ask questions. The viewers were asked to share their opinion about the product and the announced changes. The results were shared and discussed live during the webinar.

In addition, CITO asked through the poll functionality whether participants considered purchasing the product. This gave them an immediate estimate of orders to be expected.

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