Create additional points of contact with your audience after broadcasting a webinar

Your webinar has ended and everything went well. The presenter had the right tone, there were many participants online and the statistics of the presentation are looking good. Everyone is going home happy and satisfied and that's it, right?

Do not forget to send a follow-up email message!

Additional points of contact using follow-up email
By sending your followers a follow-up email, you have an additional point of contact with your audience. If you chose to take an on-demand link from us, your webinar may be reviewed by an unlimited number of participants for another year. Ideal to spread your message further and gather more data from your audience.

Various follow-up messages possible after your webinar
After the online seminar, you can send an email to different recipients. You can send the follow-up email to all live participants, to those who have not watched the webinar live, or to anyone who has signed up for the online seminar, regardless of whether they participated live. You can of course also send different emails. In this way, you can thank the live participants for their participation and invite the interested parties to review the webinar on demand.

The standard follow-up email from OnlineSeminar also contains a button that allows the recipients of your email to easily view the webinar whenever they want. The button directs the participants straight to the correct online seminar and the participant is already logged into his account. This will give you more data, to make your statistics even more complete!

Your corporate identity can be used for your webinar and all communication
The email is fully customizable to your wishes. You submit your text, images, links, and so on to our support department and they will create your email message. The OnlineSeminar support department also ensures that the button appears in the color of your brand and your logo is displayed at the top of the message. If you insert hyperlinks in your text, these can also be displayed in your corporate color.

Would you also like to send a follow-up email after your next online seminar and create more points of contact?

Ask your account manager for more information or send the text to the OnlineSeminar support department!