Cybercrime and webinars

More often your read or hear the word: Cybercrime. But what does Cybercrime really mean?

Cybercrime is a relatively new form of crime which explicitly focuses on computers, software or systems, such as mobile phones and ATMs. Europol indicates that cyber crime nowadays makes more money than drug trafficking. About three thousand billion to be exact. It's a hot topic which is gaining more and more attention because not only consumers but also governments and businesses have to better protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

Update May 15, 2017

This weekend, computers from more than 200,000 organizations in at least 150 countries were hit by a cyber attack in the form of ransomware.

The hostage software blocked access to all files of infected computer systems that would only be released after payment (in bitcoins) of the ransom. Hospital systems, car factories and information boards of the German railways no longer worked.

Dutch National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security Dick Schoof says "You can never be 100 percent safe, but you can take a lot of measures."

Webinars as a communication tool against cybercrime
More and more companies are using OnlineSeminar webinars as a communication tool to bring cybercrime to the attention of their customers or members. What about webinars with topics like:

  • insuring against cybercrime
  • risks
  • how you can defend against cybercrime
  • what about the cloud and cyber crime

Security of webinars
The information shared in webinars is very interesting for many individuals and organizations. But not all webinars are publicly accessible. For example, if you want to share company sensitive information with your clients that may also be of interest to your competitor.

Organizations that use the OnlineSeminar platform and the full service that comes along with it:

  • decide for themselves who is invited;
  • who will have access;
  • or even who should be excluded from the webinar.

This can be determined in advance where we make use of mail verification amongst others and with cyber criminality in mind, this is a very crucial component in the security of webinars. With this in place, we will be able to prevent data leakage. Data that by accident falls into the wrong hands will belong to the past.

Are you curious about the possibilities of highly secure webinars by OnlineSeminar? Please contact us at 020-845 7405.

Our account managers will be happy to inform you.


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