Desktop Sharing webinar

Do you know that you are able to share the screen of your own laptop, tablet or mobile phone with your audience in a live broadcast of an OnlineSeminar webinar?

Why desktop sharing?
Would you like to explain how a software application should be used in your webinar? Or do you want to show your platform or website to your audience during your presentation? Then desktop sharing is extremely suitable for this purpose. You will be able to share your own screen with the participants of your webinar. This functionality gives you total control over:

  • When you show something
  • What part of your screen you want to share, and
  • You will be able to respond directly to questions that are asked through the chat function, for example

Your participants also have the opportunity to view and follow the webinar in full screen.

High ratings of desktop sharing webinars
Customers like Saxobank, Nextens and Squla use this functionality with great success during their webinars. In this way, participants can be informed real-time about stock market prices, for instance. You can also use desktop sharing for user training courses. Either during or after the webinar you will notice that this additional type of interaction leads to a significant increase in knowledge and understanding with your audience. Viewers appreciate webinars that use desktop sharing with higher ratings in general.

If you would like to use desktop sharing in your webinar than a good preparation is eligible! The OnlineSeminar team will optimally guide you in your preparation. This means we will test well in advance if the desktop share is working on your system. We will also plan a try-out in our studio in which we will explain our full webinar system including the desktop sharing functionality. This will ensure you that everything works properly during the live broadcast.

Are you curious about the ability to share your own screen during a webinar?

Please contact us! Our account managers will be happy to advise you.