The impact of webinars on the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is in full force trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological developments. Mobile communication, the cloud, big data, and 'The Internet of Things'. The digital revolution is irreversible, in healthcare too. Media, retail and financial industries have been transformed previously by technical innovation. It is up to the pharmaceutical industry to galvanize themselves into action, but they have a great deal of difficulty stepping onto this express train.

Time to put heads together and to learn from companies that know how this rather traditional business, that is restricted to laws and regulations, can use innovation. The Digital Pharma Summit in Brussels gave companies like Google, MediQuality and Pfizer insight into the trends, challenges and opportunities. So did Online Seminar.

We see that patients are becoming better informed and take more and more control of their own health. There is competition from outside the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and with increased transparency the monopoly on information about the effects and performance of products is no longer solely in the hands of the industry.

Thought leadership
Along with pharmaceutical companies we work on the online reputation of these organizations. We create thought leadership and more engagement with their target audience. Taking into account that it is essential to start from the needs of the healthcare professional.

Webinars as a solution
To achieve this we deploy our webinar platform. State-of-the-art software, which allows our pharmaceutical customers to broadcast live and on demand. Their audience can always participate from anywhere and from any device. What makes our webinar platform unique is the large amount of valuable data we collect for our customers.

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