Fear of being on camera? Is it justified?

Online communication can no longer be ignored in our lives. An interactive online presentation of your message, using a webinar, is an innovative tool with infinite application possibilities. More and more organizations discover how valuable a webinar can be to have contact with their target group.

When you present a webinar, your face is mainly focused on one of the cameras in the studio. For most people, presenting on camera is something they need to get used to. Presenting in front of a camera is simply different than for a group of people you see and where you can easily read faces and facial expressions.

But is being camera-shy justifiable? And, is it necessary?

Yes, experiencing some camera shyness is understandable. Every presenter who is in front of a camera for the first time experiences this more or less. Why are you experiencing this?

  • You use a different form of communication that you need to become familiarised with
  • The environment in which you have to present is new for you: a studio with lights and cameras
  • You don’t see a reaction on the faces of your audience

No, fearing the camera is not necessary because the OnlineSeminar team will do everything possible to take the fear away from you. How do we do this?

  • You will receive professional (technical) support from a very experienced production team before and during the webinar
  • Before a webinar, you will have the opportunity to practice your presentation on camera
  • After the webinar, you immediately gain insight how your presentation scored

In addition, you do not have to be alone in the studio! You can present the webinar together with 1 to 3 other speakers.

Would you like to study all aspects of speaking well for a camera? Then we can facilitate a presentation training session for you, in which you are guided by a professional coach in camera presentation and speaking to the public. Read the article "The usefulness of presentation training sessions" for more information.

Would you like to know more about our coaching service in taking away camera shyness when presenting a webinar?

Contact us using the contact form or call us at +31 20 845 7405 (our headquarters are located in Amsterdam).


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