Greater reach for charity using a webinar

Nearly half of the Dutch are willing to volunteer as is shown by research conducted by Statistics Netherlands*. Nevertheless, it remains a challenge for many foundations and associations to ensure sufficient continuity of the support of their (good) cause. This is not only limited to finding financial support in the form of donors, or receiving donations, but also in finding volunteers. Charitable institutions often require a lot of hands to do the necessary work.

Recruiting volunteers using a webinar
By using a webinar you as a foundation or association have the opportunity to communicate interactively with potential volunteers and donors. It does not matter where this volunteer or donor is at that moment. He or she does not have to come to you to attend your explanation, lecture or information meeting, but can watch and listen to you from anywhere. In addition, participants can ask questions and participate interactively in your presentation. By using a webinar as a communication tool you increase the reach of your message and you are not limited to your regular circles.

A good example of a charity webinar
The Giving Back Foundation encourages young people to realize their ambitions and guides pupils and students in their personal development to a future career. They do this by bringing them into contact with people and companies, who are an example and who inspire them in their role of mentor. For the mentor, it is an opportunity to enrich its own network and mentoring skills and the opportunity to pass on something from his/her own experience and knowledge.

The foundation organized a multifaceted inspiration meeting on May 25th for the recruitment of new mentors. Several speakers with different perspectives were invited and there was also time reserved to answer the questions live that were asked by viewers.

The webinar "Are you, as a mentor, making the difference for an ambitious student?" of Foundation Giving Back has been made possible by many parties including Allen & Overy (location facilities) and OnlineSeminar (webinar platform and facilities).

Do you want to know what a webinar can do for your foundation or association and reach a bigger audience? Please contact us for more information.

 * figures from 2015, most volunteers are active for sports clubs (14.5%) or schools (11.5%), social assistance 1.8%, youth / community homework 8.5%