How can you motivate a webinar participant into action?

The support team of OnlineSeminar provides support in the preparation, implementation and broadcasting of full-service webinars. Through years of experience with many different online seminars, the team has a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information that you can use when organizing a webinar.

You have decided that you want to use a webinar to inform your target group about the latest developments within your company or present your latest product. The marketing campaign was successful and there are plenty of people who want to view your webinar. Now it is your turn to communicate your message clearly and actively involve participants in the online seminar.

Within the OnlineSeminar webinar platform there are several ways to involve your audience in your presentation, but the best converting functionality is the so-called call-to-action button!

What is a call-to-action button?
A call-to-action (abbreviation CTA) button is a button that pops up in the screen of your viewers during the presentation of the webinar. The CTA facilitates a follow-up action, for example a request to be called. It is therefore important that the text in the button is clear, because someone need to know what to expect next. And that the text is written in such a way that viewers feel an urge to click. In order to achieve maximum effect, we ensure that the button is set up entirely in your own house style and is appropriate for your company and / or message.

Call-to-action clicks in 2017

What does a call-to-action button do?
A call-to-action button directs the person to your website in only one click, or for example a subscription form for a newsletter, a download of a folder or an order for a product. The button can be used in various ways and generates direct and very valuable leads.

The Account Managers of OnlineSeminar are happy to tell you the best way to use the CTA in your webinar.

Do you also want to get the most out of your webinar and do you want to motivate as many webinar participants as possible into action? Then contact us!

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