Increase the impact of your on-site event with a live webinar

On-site events and webinars (online events). There are certainly differences, alongside many similarities. And why not combine the best of two worlds?!

The risk of an on-site event
Do you have a seminar or conference scheduled? Or do you provide several keynote sessions during a trade show where you also have your own stand? A great way to create exposure for your brand, product or company and to meet potential customers. But also, to talk to existing customers and give them extra attention.

A disadvantage of such an on-site event is that many prospects and customers cannot be present on a specific day, at a specific location and at a specific moment. Unfortunately, with today’s busy schedules, this is more the rule than the exception.

When do companies choose a live webinar on-site to support a live event?

How do you reach a larger target audience?
But how can you ensure that a larger target group of prospects and customers get your message? By connecting and offline to an online experience!

Registering your on-site event, in combination with an interactive live webinar, participants will be able to join your event from another location. Due to the interactive features of the OnlineSeminar platform, you do not have to settle for less involvement by online participants. They can still ask questions through the chat module, which will be answered live by the presenter of the event.

In case your online participants are not available at the specific time, they can view the on-demand version of the webinar at any time. The on-demand version is also interactive, which still gives you valuable information.

Do you want to broadcast your event live and interactively? Organize a live webinar on-site and reach a larger target audience and collect valuable data about participants!


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