ING shows innovation with HTML5 webinar

The innovative ING bank is a front runner in many areas compared to its conciliates in Europe. Similarly, in the marketing tools, they use in their communication to consumers. This week, ING made use of the HTML5 technique that OnlineSeminar offers for broadcasting an interactive webinar. What are the benefits of this technique? Read the three benefits that this technology has for the consumer and for ING.

Technological developments go very fast, and it is often difficult for a lot of big companies to keep up with this development. ING has implemented the Agile method at an early stage in its organization, enabling them to respond quickly to customer needs. The number of tablets and mobile phone users has dramatically increased over the last few years also among ING customers. ING anticipates on that by broadcasting a webinar using HTML5 technology via OnlineSeminar.

Advantages for ING:

  • ING has reached a larger target audience by encouraging consumers to follow the webinar using a tablet or mobile through social media and other channels.
  • The HTML5 technology is focused on the future and is constantly being developed, which has a positive effect on the security of the video stream.
  • Different interface formats are possible. In addition to format video, slides and chat, it is now possible to show only video and chat. This option can be used if the focus on the speakers is important. This is often seen in panel discussions because the use of slides is often distracting.

Advantages for ING customers and participants of the webinar:

  • To view a webinar using a tablet or mobile without having to install an app or plug-in.
  • Full screen video is possible, so the webinar gets a television broadcast potential.
  • From any device, follow a webinar (provided there is a good internet connection)

Participants like to follow a webinar on a tablet or mobile phone. This was confirmed in the chat messages that were received during the webinar. It was also noticeable in the survey results completed by a large number of participants. 20% of the participants eventually followed the webinar through a tablet or mobile phone. In addition, it is also possible for consumers to view the webinar on-demand, using a tablet or mobile.

Do you like to receive more information on the use of innovative webinars? Contact Floris from OnlineSeminar by mail or phone number +31208457405.


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