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University Medical Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands (UMC Utrecht) organizes online lectures for which they use the webinar platform of OnlineSeminar. Patients, general practitioners, specialists and other interested parties can be informed in this way about certain syndromes and the latest medical developments.

Genetic testing for people who want to realize their desire to have children: what is possible?
How far are we prepared to go?
On Monday, November 27th, there was an online lecture through the OnlineSeminar webinar platform where the possibilities were discussed, for genetic testing for people who want to realize their desire to have children, both before and during pregnancy.

Clinical geneticist Klaske Lichtenbelt spoke about the applications of genetic tests in daily practice. What tests are available and how are they used in the current care for people with a desire to have children?

Professor of Medical Ethics Annelien Bredenoord discussed the ethical issues that present existing and possibly new genetic techniques; from NIPT to embryo selection. What do we want to know or do not know? And how far are we prepared to go for a healthy child?

UMC Utrecht webinar about genetic testing for people who want to realize their desire to have children

Short presentation with room for many questions
UMC Utrecht opted for a webinar with a short presentation to give participants as many opportunities as possible to ask questions. The viewers made full use of that.

Topics that came up during the presentation and when answering questions:

  • Determine the risk of a child with a genetic disorder
  • Combination test and NIPT, echo
  • How far do you go in offering prenatal diagnosis
  • DNA research
  • Embryo selection (PGD)
  • Specific gene deviations
  • Expansion possibilities does not necessarily make it easier.
  • Risks of the tests
  • Gen modification, where does it stop?
  • Tests to identify if you are carrier of a disease

In addition to the presentation, poll questions were asked to the viewers, giving the organizer of the webinar insight into which audience was present.

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