Interactive TV program by RTL Z

Last Monday, November 13th, the first of a series of six interactive television programs took place from Dutch broadcaster RTL Z with their program called RTL Z Beurs Inside. To facilitate this, the online webinar platform of OnlineSeminar was used. Every week three experts will share their investment tips with the online viewers.

Active participation in online program
Three well-known experts gave their view on investing, led by host Roland Koopman, presenter and trade fair commentator at RTL Z. Online viewers were invited to actively participate in the program. They could do that by asking questions via the chat functionality on the webinar platform. In addition, viewers were given the opportunity to give their opinion on statements during various poll questions that were asked.

Pitches and battles
Each of the three experts was given the opportunity to pitch a share during the broadcast. Subsequently, these presentations were discussed with presenter Roland as moderator. The pitches were followed by a number of battles, each time two of the three experts faced each other and had to argue and defend their point of view.

Responding to current events
With an interactive broadcast through our webinar platform, you can respond perfectly to current events. And not so much the topicality from the perspective of the program makers, but what actually happens to your viewers.

In this interactive television program, for example, there was room for topics such as the news reports about Bitcoins, the abolition of the dividend tax, and the hype around Singles Day. Furthermore, after receiving several questions about this, expectations were also expressed about possible IPOs.

What the golden tip is, is up to the viewers!

Dutch program RTL Z Beurs Inside can be seen live every Monday at 8 pm. Shortly thereafter, the on-demand version is made available so that the program can be reviewed at a later time. 

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