Inviting webinar participants successfully

The support team of OnlineSeminar provides support in the preparation, implementation and broadcasting of full-service webinars. Through years of experience with many different online seminars, the team has a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information that you can use when organizing a webinar.

A successful invitation process
In order to ensure that your webinar is viewed by as many participants as possible, it is important to send an attractive and informative invitation to potential participants. Do not forget to choose a subject line for your message that will immediately stimulate the recipient to take action, so that your message is opened and, not unimportantly, is also read.

If you use our full-service webinar broadcast, it is possible to arrange the invitation process using the webinar platform of OnlineSeminar. The support team composes an invitation, in consultation with you, in which as much elements from your own house style are being used. This can be e.g. your logo and use of color. In addition, we can send different reminder messages to increase the number of registrations.

Use affiliate links and gain insight into the result
To gain insight into whichever media channels generated registrations for your webinar, the system of OnlineSeminar offers the possibility to create 'affiliate links'.

When you add such an affiliate link to your invitation, you will be able to see how many percent of the participants have signed up through this particular invitation, in the webinar report that you will receive afterwards. You can use a different affiliate link for each mailing and each media channel. In this way, you can identify exactly which invitation and which channel was most successful. The number of affiliate links that you can use is unlimited.

Would you like more information about the invitation process or do you have specific wishes regarding inviting webinar participants?

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