ISO 27001 certificate for OnlineSeminar

More and more organizations acknowledge the importance of interactive online communication. Whether it’s about communicating with employees, training students, or sharing product information, to our customers, the webinar platform from OnlineSeminar has become a vital tool.

Because the webinar platform of OnlineSeminar offers unprecedented possibilities for interaction and data collection, protecting this valuable data is our top priority. The OnlineSeminar policy is aimed at protecting our customers and other interested parties as well as possible against all internal and external, intentional and unintentional threats in order to guarantee continuity. The fact that OnlineSeminar has arranged this in the correct way is confirmed by the fact that after an internal and external audit process lasting several months on 1 December 2017, an ISO 27001 certificate has been awarded by Kiwa.

About KIWA
Kiwa is an independent organization that provides highly qualified certification. Kiwa has years of experience in the field of certifying companies and assesses on the basis of supplied information whether an organization meets the criteria for ISO 27001 certification. Kiwa creates trust in an organization, products, services, processes, management systems and employees by making the quality of everything that a company does visible and measurable.

What is an ISO 27001 certification?
ISO 27001, also known as the NEN-ISO / IEC 27001 standard, is a standard that enables organizations to structure information security structurally in order to safeguard the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information.

Dutch ISO 27001 certificate

The standard describes the requirements and guidelines for setting up, implementing, using, monitoring, evaluating, maintaining and improving a documented security system, the Information Security Management System (ISMS), tailored to the business risk of the entire company or parts of the business.

The standard is an excellent tool to secure, manage and continually improve security.

With the achievement of ISO 27001 certification, OnlineSeminar underlines compliance with the international requirements of information security. She manages the information process and has secured data from her customers!

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