Make the webinar studio part of your presentation!

The support team of OnlineSeminar provides support in the preparation, implementation and broadcasting of full-service webinars. Through years of experience with many different online seminars, the team has a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information that you can use when organizing a webinar. There are various ways to showcase your brand or elements from your corporate identity in your webinar as well as in a webinar studio.

When you broadcast a webinar at OnlineSeminar it is possible to give your complete presentation the look and feel of your own corporate identity. By allowing elements of your corporate identity to be reflected in all communication, and during your online presentation, you ensure that your audience feels immediately familiar. As a result, your target group is more open to the information you want to share with them and they are more willing to interact.

Branding possibilities of the webinar studio
There are various possibilities to showcase your brand or elements from your corporate identity into our studios:

  • Your own footage on TV screen
    It is possible to display your logo on one or more screens in the studio. Or another visual or video material that supports your presentation.
  • Backdrop with your visual
    The wall behind the presentation desk can hold your own visual material that is of a general nature, so that you can use it more often. Or a more specific visual for the purpose of your webinar.
  • Green screen
    Instead of a back drop, you can present your webinar for a so-called green screen. From the control room any image can be projected onto the green wall, allowing you to keep your presentation from the beach, office or anywhere else.

Of course, you can use your own presentation slides and show videos during the webinar. In addition, we can also ensure that different elements on the login page are adapted to your house style.

In this way, the branding matches your webinar in all aspects of your product and / or brand.

Would you like to know more about the branding possibilities of the OnlineSeminar webinar studio? Then contact us.


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