Offer your webinar against payment !

Do you provide webinars with an informative/educational subject? Or do you organize online seminars with a premium character that are interesting for a large audience or for a longer period of time? Then offering the webinar against payment is worth considering!

Different webinar applications
Webinars against payment can provide a suitable solution on various occasions. For example, consider one of the following applications:

E-learning platform
A webinar is an extremely efficient way of sharing knowledge. You do not only save costs but also (travel) time. And not just for you but also for your participants. You give your lecture to few thousands of participants at once, from one location only. The participants follow the lecture from wherever they are and whenever they want. After the live broadcast, the lecture can be viewed on demand.

Premium lectures or meetings
A webinar that is suitable for this kind of meeting is a so-called "closed webinar". This type of webinar is only accessible to invitees so that you can securely share confidential information. Wherever in the world, your audience is located.

Online study package with tests and accreditation
When you teach through a webinar, you can use our platform to set up exactly what your participants need to comply with in order to succeed. For example, a minimum attendance rate of the webinar given. In addition, you can use both a test module and poll questions as an instrument to test your participants.

Your own webinar shop!
The OnlineSeminar platform allows you to organize and offer webinars against payment in your own webinar environment. This webshop payment module is fully integrated into your own environment and complies with your corporate identity.

OnlineSeminar payment module
The payment module can be set up in different pricing models. You can have your webinars offered in three ways:

  • per unit;
  • per bundle;
  • per subscription.

Your webinars against payment and free of charge webinars will both be listed in your company webinar overview.

Quick and easy payment
Via iDeal, participants (businesses or private persons) can be charged quickly, safely and easily. The payment of your webinars is handled by Ingenico ePayments (formerly known as Ogone), a reliable worldwide recognized payment service.

Do you want to know more about providing webinars against payment, please contact your account manager or call +31 (0) 20 845 7405 for a suitable solution.