Online communication in any language

OnlineSeminar offers various online communication possibilities through its webinar platform in every language and has offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Madrid, and customers around the world in internationally-oriented markets.

More and more organizations use an online presentation through OnlineSeminar’s webinar platform to communicate with their target audience. For example, to inform customers about product development, or to inform staff of changes in laws and regulations. Internationally operating companies love to present their webinars in multiple languages. After all, a message will be more clear when someone is addressed in his own language.

The same webinar in different languages
An example of a webinar in various languages is the online seminar that DEKRA recently organized to inform customers in the far east about the latest developments in the region. The live presentation as well as all communication about the webinar, from announcement to follow-up emails, was in Chinese.

In addition, the same presentation was offered in English to customers in another region and time zone. Both presentations were broadcasted shortly after one another, enabling DEKRA to communicate the same message to a broad audience within a few hours, each in their own language.

Subtitling a webinar
Do you have a presenter who does not speak the language needed well enough, or do you want to make an already broadcasted webinar available to another region afterwards? Then it is possible to include subtitles to your presentation in any language. OnlineSeminar arranges the translation and will make the on-demand version of your subtitled webinar available online, after your approval.

With our knowledge and experience, we can help you with your online communication. In our studios, various types of online presentations are organized daily for different clients, active in diverse industries and in all corners of the world.

Are you responsible for (international) online communication and do you want to reach out to your target audience directly and measurable?

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