Online webinar as a testing tool

A webinar is an efficient way of sharing knowledge online and then testing the acquired knowledge of participants immediately afterwards. Using an online seminar, several thousands of participants can follow an online college or workshop at the same time.

The presentation can be given from one of the OnlineSeminar webinar studios or from a location that meets your needs. Students can follow the lessons from any location and on any device.

A webinar is very suitable for training and retraining purposes
With OnlineSeminar’s automatic training- and accreditation module, franchisees, professionals, students or staff can easily and widely be trained and retrained.

You can set different criteria that must be met for accreditation, for example, to receive a certificate of participation or PE-points (continuous education).

In addition to correctly answering the questions asked in a multiple-choice test, it is possible to:

  • indicate a minimum attendance rate
    For example, a participant should watch 80% of the webinar to succeed
  • Answering the asked poll questions
    The advantage of this interaction is that the lesson offered is better memorized. In addition, poll questions can be used to test whether a participant is really watching!
  • completing a survey
    completing a survey can also be considered as one of the preconditions

No administration and inspection work!
The administration and inspection work of the lessons or workshop is completely handled by OnlineSeminar's webinar software. In this respect, the previously defined boundary conditions are followed closely. When a participant has passed, you as organizer can be informed about it.

In addition, we can make your online college available on-demand, paid for or free of charge. With this on-demand version, you will have a direct reference to the program material. The recorded webinar of the college or workshop is also interactive and therefore useful for testing and accreditation.

Students or participants who were unable to attend the live webinar are able to view your college at any time.

The OnlineSeminar testing and accreditation module can be used in various ways:

  • E-learning total platform
  • Online course package with testing and accreditation
  • Online PE accreditation
  • Webinar integration with offline learning

Want to know more about a webinar as a testing tool?

Contact OnlineSeminar about the possibilities.


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