OnlineSeminar is one of the most important companies in the European online video market

For the first time OnlineSeminar has seized a place on the prestigious ‘Streaming Media Europe 101’. This year Streaming Media Europe publishes the list for the fifth time. The most interesting, important, and influential companies in Europe’s online video market, will make the list.

Never before, there was such focus on real European companies. Streaming Media Europe calls it: ‘it’s most Eurocentric 101 list yet.’ Streaming Media Europe acknowledges the importance of U.S.-based companies which are active in Europe, ‘but this year’s list contains fewer U.S.-based companies than any of our previous lists’, says Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen in the Winter edition of Streaming Media Magazine-Europe. ‘There are only 14 of them, to be exact, mostly global giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft–companies that even a Europe-focused list such as this one can’t ignore.’ This year, there are many European upstarts, and companies who are on the list for the first time. OnlineSeminar is pleased to be one of them.

So how are the companies elected? Streaming Media Europe starts with a master list of all the companies they are aware of in their ‘space’, and then their Editorial and Publishing team ranks the companies on a scale of zero (doesn’t belong on the final list at all) to five (no list of important companies would be complete without it). The top 101 make the list. If you were wondering, not a single company averaged a perfect 5.

Take a look at the complete list in the winter edition of Streaming Media Magazine-Europe.


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