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With our knowledge and experience we can help you make your webinars even better. In our studios webinars are organized daily. Webinars from various industries, each having their own customers. What is needed to make the best of your webinar? What are the success factors and what pitfalls should you really try to avoid? You can learn it here, from our team of webinar experts.

Tip by Fleur
This time a tip by our account manager Fleur who is dealing with the Media and Publishing industry about how to find participants for your webinar. For clients like RTLZ, DFT and Wolters Kluwer, generating leads is one of the most important and most frequently used possible applications. It is of great importance to require a sufficient number and an appropriate number of participants. But how do you get those participants to actually watch the webinar?

Obtaining registrations
It all begins with obtaining sufficient registrations for your webinar. Even though the number of potential participants is not everything, it is a start. It is essential to ensure that your webinar is adequately publicized. Consider dedicated mailings to approach your existing database. This can be arranged via Online Seminar or through your own email program. But, of course, you also want your database to grow, so it is important to approach new people as well. This can be arranged by using a well thought social media campaign, with the right news items in the right channels (succinctly on Twitter, substantively and corporate through LinkedIn, for example). Try to communicate your message with relevant and interesting content. Also, be visible and provide your audience a simple registration procedure:

  • recognizable icon (especially for webinar series or recurring topics)
  • brief registration form
  • clear communication about registration and watching the webinar
  • send out reminders of the webinar (from the OnlineSeminar system)

Affiliate links
It is also essential to know where all the registrations come from. With this knowledge you are able to clearly focus on certain types of communication, or even to choose to avoid them. The OnlineSeminar system offers the ability to create 'affiliate links’, and then convert detailed information on these registrations per link in a clear report. A very useful tool that enables you to anticipate and make optimal use of this expertise before you organize your next webinar.
So before you organize your webinar remember:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How do I reach these people?
  • What kind of communication should I use?
  • Make use of affiliate links and measure the results.
  • Evaluate directly and start with the same questions in order to achieve the desired result.

Want to know more? Contact Fleur directly by mail of call +31 20 8457405 for the Dutch office!

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