Tip 4: which presentation tools you can use the best

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Tip by Rob
Today we present to you a webinar tip from our account manager Rob, who is responsible for the industrial and automotive sector, about how to convey a clear message in your webinar. You know an online seminar is the right way to reach your target audience, but what presentation tools can you use best to support your message?

The presenter is a very important factor in effectively conveying your message. The article "The usefulness of presentation training sessions for a webinar" discusses how you can optimally prepare yourself for presenting a webinar. If you are an experienced presenter, but you have no experience presenting on camera, a presentation training session is highly recommended.

Use presentation slides to support your message
Presentation slides are often used to support a presenter’s story. Remarkably often too much text is shown on slides. There is a risk that participants will no longer focus on your message but will start reading the text on your slide. That is unfortunate because the slides support your story but the power of your message is in your (spoken) presentation.

In order to keep the participant's attention, we recommend:

  • To use only 3 bullet points per slide, up to five words maximum per bullet point
  • To show a quote
  • To use an image that supports your message


How do you keep a participant alert and involved?
Creating variation in your presentation keeps your participant alert and involved. In addition to a PowerPoint presentation, we see an increase in the use of videos to initiate a topic or as an additional information source in your presentation.

You can also involve a participant by using the chat functionality. You can ask poll questions and discuss them during the webinar. This way you create content during your presentation and the participants feel involved in the presentation. This results in higher assessment scores.

Want to know more about what presentation tools you can use for an effective webinar?

Please contact Rob directly or one of his colleagues through +31 20 8457405.

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