Tip 7: the benefits of a webinar license

With our knowledge and experience we can help you make your webinars even better. In our studios webinars are organized daily. Webinars from various industries, each having their own customers. What is needed to make the best of your webinar? What are the success factors and what pitfalls should you really try to avoid? You can learn it here, from our team of webinar experts.

Tip by Toby
This time a tip from Toby, account manager for e.g. the non-profit sector, about the use of webinars as a regular way of communication by purchasing a webinar license. More and more companies see webinars as an efficient and effective tool of communication and as a result, they are broadcasting  more and more. What are the options for purchasing at OnlineSeminar?

  • per webinar
  • credits (1 credit is 1 webinar, a certain number of credits must be used in a certain period)
  • license

What does a webinar license mean?
With a webinar license from OnlineSeminar you buy the right to broadcast unlimited webinars for a fixed amount per month and you can use the webinar platform at any time.

Due to the high frequency it is more efficient to use your own studio. OnlineSeminar can advise you on the set up of your own studio and help you realize it. A low-noise room in your office building with the right equipment can be enough.

Advantages of a license
Being visible to your target group, getting your message across and collecting relevant data about your target group is important. By regularly broadcasting webinars you can ensure continuity. The more often you bring your message or company to the attention, the better this will last..

Data that is collected by the webinar platform, among other things, is an NPS score to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, an important KPI. If you regularly broadcast a webinar, the score will provide a reliable outcome and you can determine after a number of broadcasts which percentage of the viewers are the detractors, passives and promoters for your company or service.

Examples of customers who use a webinar license with their own studio

On a daily basis an investment specialist from Saxobank gives a 30-minute webinar about the latest developments in the market directed to a fixed group of participants. During the webinar, the possibilities of the investor platform are shown through ‘desktop sharing’.

UWV uses webinars daily for a new group of viewers. Every citizen in The Netherland that becomes unemployed and ends up at the UWV (Dutch employee insurance agency) will be given the opportunity to get information and tips through webinars about applying, creating a CV and using LinkedIn to find a new job amongst many other subjects.

More information about a webinar license? Please contact Toby for more details or one of his colleagues via +31 020-8457405

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