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At seminars and events, the presence of cameras is increasing. Images taken during the events are usually distributed after the event has ended. Often a compilation is made and participants are interviewed. The video can then be shared on the website and sent to invitees afterward. In addition, the video can be used as a reference for the event the following year.

Broadcast your event live over the internet
It becomes much more interesting when companies want to offer the event live on the Internet. This usually involves excellent presentations during the event. These images are then broadcasted directly, and thus live, in a webinar. OnlineSeminar facilitates this and ensures that the webinar is successfully transmitted with the right hardware, software, and guidance. During a live webinar, it is also possible to have interaction between viewers and event presenters, such as chat questions that could be addressed live.

When do companies choose a webinar on-site to support an event?

  1. If companies want to make the event available to a larger audience. Often there is not enough space available for all interested parties at an event location.
  2. Using a webinar, another target group can be addressed. Some people may not be able to physically attend the event. They live far away, or they have mobility problems or simply are have a too busy schedule to come to the event venue.
  3. To save costs. The organization of an event, renting space, staff and catering often costs a lot of time and also a lot of money.
  4. Another added value is that the webinar can be viewed back half an hour after the end of the live broadcast (on demand). Even then, the webinar is still interactive (call to action buttons and poll questions remain clickable and a survey can also be taken).
  5. The interaction brings together lots of commercially interesting data of the participants. An online participant is often fairer and more likely to interact than a participant that is physically present at an event. We process the data in reports that are available almost immediately after the webinar.

Example of a successful webinar on-site
An example of a successful webinar on-site is the "Dutch Equity Night" event by BNP Paribas (in Dutch) from the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Six well-known stock exchange experts gave this evening information and explanations in their favorites shares of Dutch origin. There was physically place for up to 200 guests. In view of the great interest, another 900 participants have been able to follow the live event through the webinar. The event could be followed easily using an internet browser on computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The webinar was made available by BNP Paribas on demand shortly after the live broadcast. In a period of just 10 days, the event was viewed by another 500 interested people.

Do you want to broadcast your event live and interactively? Organize a webinar on-site and reach a larger audience and collect valuable data about participants!

Contact the OnlineSeminar Account Managers. They are happy to tell you what opportunities our platform offers.


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