Organizing a webinar for the first time

A webinar is a professional communication medium that enables you to get in touch with your target group live and in a very interactive way. It gives you the opportunity to inform your colleagues or clients about the latest developments within your company, or to share special knowledge with them.

But not only that, you also receive a wealth of valuable data about your target group when suspects and prospects in your chosen target group join a webinar.

Four factors that contribute to the success of a webinar:

  1. Determine the goal
    It is very important to determine in advance what the purpose of your online presentation is: what do you want to achieve with your webinar?
    Do you want to activate participants, encourage them to purchase your services, train them, inform them, share knowledge or demonstrate something?

For more information, also read webinar tip 2: The goal of a successful webinar.

  1. Choose the audience
    Who is your audience? Do you focus on consumers in your communication, or are companies your buyers? Through which channels do you reach these people? Do you need to be careful in using professional terms and tell more descriptively or you can use the jargon of your field.
    Do you know what points have to be taken into account and what questions your target group has?
  1. Determine the result you are aiming for
    When has a webinar been successful for you? It is useful to determine this in advance, with your team, when a webinar for your company or department is successful. The number of participants does not have to be decisive for how participants value your online presentation.

    When participants are active and come into contact with you through the chat functionality, for example, and have asked to receive more information, or have responded to one of the other interaction elements, you immediately receive valuable feedback on which you can take various follow-up actions.
  1. Select the type - determine the content
    This is the time to develop your story that suits your chosen target and audience. Can you make a PowerPoint presentation? Then, in fact, you already have enough visual material to support your presentation and you are able to give a webinar!

    How interactive do you want to make your presentation? And which interaction functionalities do you want to use?

For more information, also read webinar tip 4: The best presentation tools for a webinar.

At every moment in the process of your first webinar, an OnlineSeminar account manager is able to support you and provide advice! If you have any questions, call us at +31 20 84 57 405 or fill in the contact form.


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