Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. What is needed to get the most out of a webinar? Tip 8: Use a professional webinar presenter. Not everyone knows the techniques to lead a conversation efficiently. If you are planning an online presentation with several speakers or experts, then it is recommendable to use a professional presenter. He or she can take over various tasks from you.

The municipal elections in the Netherlands will take place on Wednesday, March 21st. But how do you as a political party get the voters on your side? If you do not know exactly what you stand for, your target group is not willing to commit to your party. By sharing information using an online seminar, you are in direct contact with your target group.

Providing information about the products you sell is important. After all, the more a (potential) customer knows about your product, or the latest developments within your company, the greater the chance that this customer will take action.

It seems as if everyone is talking about it, about the GDPR law that applies from 25 May 2018. But what exactly is GDPR? OnlineSeminars webinar platform naturally complies with GDPR and meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

When you present a webinar at OnlineSeminar you can use your own PowerPoint slides during your presentation. In addition, it is important that you practice in advance. For more tips, read on.

The fact that someone signs up for a webinar does not mean that this person will actually participate. We therefore recommend that you send multiple notifications. This is possible even just before the webinar. Read the Success Story of Dutch company, Optimix Vermogensbeheer.

By using a webinar as a retention marketing tool you can make existing customers even more loyal to your brand or company! A webinar is a perfect tool to interact with your current customers, allowing you to respond even more specifically to (latent) needs.

Through years of experience with many different webinars, our support team has a wealth of knowledge that you can use to organize a successful webinar. There are various ways to showcase your brand or elements from your corporate identity in your webinar and our studios.

More and more organizations discover how valuable a webinar can be to have online and interactive contact with their target group. When you present a webinar you are in a studio with a camera that registers your story. Every presenter who is standing in front of a camera for the first time experiences some form of camera shyness. But is being camera-shy justifiable? And, is it necessary?

Webinar tips from OnlineSeminar. What is needed to get the most out of your webinar? Tip 7: What are the benefits of a webinar license? Being visible to your target group, getting your message across and collecting relevant data about your target group is important. With a webinar license from OnlineSeminar you buy the right to broadcast unlimited webinars.