Tip 3: best day and time for a webinar


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Tip by Floris
This week a tip by our account manager Floris, who is dealing with the financial industry about what is the best day and time to give a webinar. You know that an online seminar is the right way to reach your target audience, but what time is most appropriate?

Choosing the right moment, the right day, and the right time depends on many factors. In spite of the fact that the webinar can be view on demand any time, you still want to make sure that as many people as possible follow the webinar live online. Holiday periods and weekends can better be avoided when broadcasting a webinar. The right time is also dependent on your target audience.

For the business to business market, Tuesdays and Thursdays are often the most beneficial for a live webinar. Part-time employees are often at work these days. In addition, there are fewer meetings on these days in general, so that means more participants for your live online presentation. The right time is around 10:00 or 17:00 hrs. At the beginning or end of the working day, employees often have the most time and it doesn’t split up their working day. The lunch break can also be a great time for employees to follow a webinar.

For consumers, Tuesdays and Thursdays are also the best days for a live webinar, but then in the evening. Around 20:00 hrs, most people have eaten their dinner by that time and can then follow your online presentation or workshop at ease. Or you can organize the webinar on working days around noon so consumers can combine lunch break and following a live webinar.

Series of webinars
If you choose to broadcast a series of webinars, it is recommendable to choose the same time to broadcast for each webinar. If you broadcast an online seminar every week, month or quarter, you will also see that the number of participants will increase. Webinars will then become a regular part of your marketing and / or communication strategy.

Breaking news webinar
Webinars are often used as ad hoc means of communication. For example, there are financial parties who broadcast 'Breaking news' webinars about unexpected developments in the financial markets. At such moments, the consumer would like to keep an eye on, for example, the investment policy of the bank. A bank can show its authority and consumers gain insight and confidence in return.

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