Webinar trends in 2018


Webinars have established themselves as an integral part of the marketing mix and have become a regular online communication tool for the modern marketer.

Although marketing automation software has enabled marketers to make large-scale campaigns, the scale has also led to a lot of useless marketing; not interesting enough for the target group with little conversion as a result.

The OnlineSeminar webinar platform enables you to enter into a dialogue with your target group by answering questions from your audience during your online presentation. This way you can ensure that content becomes really relevant to the needs of your target audience and at the same time they get to know the face behind your brand.

Content marketers see webinars as one of their most effective tools because they generate better-qualified leads.

Webinar trends in 2018:

  • Trend 1: Video is more important than a text
    80% of consumers prefer to watch and gain information rather than having to read something. Thanks to the numerous interaction possibilities within the OnlineSeminar platform, a viewer remains involved and alert!
  • Trend 2: Focus on the customer
    The audience is the most important! Make the content of your online message relevant to the target group by involving them in your story using the interaction functionalities offered. Create up-sell and cross-selling opportunities and convert webinar participants into paying customers.
  • Trend 3: On-demand is a must
    Your audience decides what they view, but especially when they view something.
    By making your presentation available on-demand, you can use virtually the same interaction elements and you continue to collect valuable data.
  • Trend 4: Data is the engine
    The OnlineSeminar platform provides insight into view and clicks behaviour and experiences of viewers. This way you gather deeper insights, so you can develop increasingly relevant content and campaigns for your target group.
  • Trend 5: Simple but safe
    Logging into each platform must be as simple as possible, but safe and compliant with the GDPR law. Every registration within the OnlineSeminar platform is verified so that you, as an organizer, can demonstrate that someone has created a profile themselves. In addition, registration via Single Sign-On method (SSO) is possible.

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