Tip 8: use a professional webinar presenter

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Tip by Cindy
This time a tip from Cindy, account manager for the financial industry about using a professional webinar presenter. You know that an online seminar is the right way to reach your target group and share your message. However, presenting and controlling a conversation during a webinar, especially when you have invited several speakers, is not something that everyone can do well and efficiently.

If you regularly give presentations for your staff, for example, or talk to BNI* breakfast meetings with other entrepreneurs, you will have sufficient presentation experience to be able to speak during a webinar. If you are not the only speaker and colleagues and / or other experts talk to you about the subject, it is wise to appoint someone as a discussion leader.

Ask a professional presenter to lead your webinar!
Not everyone knows the techniques to lead a conversation efficiently. If you are planning an online presentation with several speakers or experts, and you do not have much experience with controlling a conversation yourself, then it is recommendable to use a professional presenter.

A webinar presenter can take over the following tasks from you:

  • Welcome all participants
  • Gives an introduction (what is the subject, what is the agenda)
  • Ensures that all speakers are covered
  • Leads the discussion
  • Asks questions
  • Keep an eye on the time

OnlineSeminar can help you find a suitable presenter for your webinar that fits your company and message.

Do you want to know more about a webinar with several speakers? Or do you want our help in finding a professional webinar presenter?

Then contact us.

*BNI: Business Network International

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