Tip 9: the importance of moderators during webinars

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Tip from Rob
This time a new tip from Rob, account manager for the industrial and automotive industry, among other things, about the importance of moderators.

During a webinar, all eyes are on the presenter and his presentation. In the run-up to the webinar, the presentation is prepared down to the last detail and the presenter has practiced. But the presenter is not the only one who ensures a successful online seminar. Moderators are indispensable in this. But what exactly is a moderator and what is their role?

What is a moderator?
A moderator at OnlineSeminar is someone, an employee or expert of the organiser, who ensures that all questions received via the chat function are answered, during the online presentation.

These can be questions of a technical nature, but usually they are substantive questions or reactions from participants. Questions of a technical nature are always answered by the OnlineSeminar Production team. All other questions are for the webinar organiser. It is therefore important that there are employees of your organisation who have knowledge of the subject spoken in the studio.

Once the webinar is live, the interactive nature of webinars gives the participant the opportunity to respond to what is being presented, by means of answering polls, clicking on call-to-actions and asking questions.

What does a moderator do?moderators and production team
The questions that come in through the chat function end up with the moderators but can be very diverse and do not always match the story that the presenter wants to convey. An important task for the moderator is reserved for this.

The moderator answers all substantive questions during the live broadcast
You do not want to leave questions unanswered, but not everything is suitable for forwarding to the presenter. It is therefore important to have subject-specific knowledge as a moderator.

The moderator determines which questions can be forwarded to the presenter and takes into account the following factors:

  • What questions contribute to the message? (selects and filters)
  • Can the presenter answer this question immediately? (edits)
  • What is important to the participants what is not included in the presentation? (edits)

Involvement of participants is important. Certainly with a webinar whose main goal is lead generation it is essential to help the questioners and to activate them to click on call-to-action buttons.

Moderator training
OnlineSeminar offers a moderator training to fully prepare the moderators for a webinar. What kind of questions can one expect, one receives tips & tricks, and gets explanation about how the OnlineSeminar tool works for moderators.

Do you want to know about the importance of moderators or follow a moderators training? Then contact us.

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