Pharming Group chooses OnlineSeminar’s webinar platform

This February, the biotech company Pharming Group has opted for OnlineSeminar’s webinar solution. Pharming will be able to share its financial results and other announcements with investors and other stakeholders through the use of live webinars.

During these webinars, Pharming will be able to communicate the yearly and quarterly reports and other announcements online. The audiences are able to follow the online seminars from anywhere and on any device. Live and afterwards via on demand webinars.

Pharming Group

OnlineSeminar fully takes care of the process, not only by a thorough preparation and (technical) support on location, but also by sharing clear webinar statistics afterwards.

Later this year, the company will organise a number of webinars in OnlineSeminar’s high-grade studio in Amsterdam.

"OnlineSeminar has proven to be a trustworthy, efficient and inventive partner for Pharming Group’s online communications. Our experience has been stellar and we look forward to a productive partnership in the future." 
- Susanne Embleton, corporate communications officer at Pharming Group

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