Revolutionary broadcasting solution for your annual reports

More and more publicly listed companies share their financial results in an online broadcast. As a result, the traditional press conference and shareholders meeting are slowly but surely disappearing. Not surprisingly so, since the benefits of these broadcasts are crystal clear.

1. Large reach, live and on demand

During OnlineSeminar’s broadcasts all stakeholders can participate, wherever they are and on any device. Not only live, but afterwards as well, using a convenient on demand version.

Consequently, an online broadcast no longer gives you the limitations of a press conference. Oftentimes only a handful of journalists and analysts attend those real-life sessions, and if there are multiple on the same day, choices have to be made. Besides: time equals money.

2. From your annual report to data in 60 minutes

Of course your annual (or interim) report doesn’t stand on its own. A story precedes it. An online broadcast is the perfect way to quickly transform the report into meaningful insights. Share the most important events, bottlenecks and challenges, and focus on promising developments in the near future.

3. Many interactions with your Investor Relations

More than ever your shareholders want to be heard. Our online broadcasts guarantee engagement and a lightning-quick registration time.

Viewers may ask all their urgent questions and thereby immediately get to know all your company’s ins and outs. And because all participant data is stored, you can respond to questions afterwards as well.

4. Price-sensitive information in your broadcast? Security first!

Because you are sharing potentially sensitive information, you want to have full control over its safe distribution.

This starts off with the invitations, where you decide which users may gain access. Contrary to some of OnlineSeminar’s competitors, all registrations proceed through verified log-ins: the age of fake profiles is over.

Our platform also meets the latest safety demands in order to prevent information abuse: OnlineSeminar is ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR proof. All in all, 100% secured data flows before, during and after your online broadcast.

Long term cooperations

Since 2009 we have been succesfully working together with many publicly listed companies, including national and international banks.


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