ROI and Webinars

ROI-what? Return on investment (ROI) is a common term to denote whether it makes sense to spend your marketing budget to certain tools or channels, or not. Including webinars for example. A certain investment is required when organizing a webinar. An investment in time and in money. And how do you determine that it is worth it?

To be able to answer this question it is important to acknowledge the value of data. All marketing and recruiting activities that you normally undertake are not all equally effective, right? Think of all those newsletters, (video)banners here or there, TV spots or even the old familiar mailing by post. OnlineSeminar notices that its customers are questioning the added value of their actions more and more when they are unable to measure the effect.

But how do you actually measure a positive or negative effect? First, it is important that you have clearly in mind what your goal is. A webinar is in fact a tool to reach a goal, not an objective by itself. It is also worth the time to clearly define when you are satisfied. In light of the answers, you can then cleverly and tactically make the best of your webinar.

Using data you can monitor and analyze everything you want. Many organizations utilize several systems to assist them in mapping processes, results and making decisions. To measure the effect of a webinar by OnlineSeminar it is not necessary to purchase a separate system. Our tool tracks everything for you, like for instance: who are the participants, how did participants enter your webinar, how active was their participation, are they converted eventually? Shortly after the webinar, you will be able to determine if the webinar was a positive return on investment for you or your client.

Also with webinars it can take some time to be able to conclude whether it was worth the investment after all. Think of webinar-series, interactive or on-demand webinars that contain sustainable content and can generate prolonged valuable data. This can be monitored long-term and in different ways. There are different levels to monitor. You are able to review by webinar level, user-level and even at company level!

When the goal is clear, the success factor is clearly formulated and resources are available to organize a webinar as effective as possible, you can choose the most appropriate strategy to achieve the desired result.

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