Several webinar studios to meet your requirements

It's coming close to September. The holiday season is over and it's time to share new ideas, plans or products widely using a webinar. The possibilities of a webinar are endless and therefore OnlineSeminar has several webinar studios to meet your requirements.

The webinar studios
OnlineSeminar has two in-house studios, one in Amsterdam and one in Brussels. In addition, OnlineSeminar works closely with various external studios, including one in Zoetermeer and in Hilversum, the Dutch “Media City”. Because of this variety in studios, we can match all your requirements. Several studios offer space for different setups. You can use the so-called green screen technology. Or we can arrange additional space where moderators can answer participants' questions for a well-attended webinar.

Contact OnlineSeminar to discuss all possibilities.

Mobile studio on location in Atlanta USA

Go global
In case these studios do not fit your webinar or event? No problem at all, we also have a mobile studio! With this equipment, you can make any space into a studio, from which you are able to broadcast your webinar live. You are not bound to the Netherlands or Belgium, the studio has been used in London, Rome and New York.

Moreover, BNP Paribas has successfully used the mobile studio last summer to reach a larger audience (link) because there was physically place for only 200 guests during the live event 'Dutch Equity Night' (in Dutch).

Service and quality you are used to
Of course, the OnlineSeminar Production Team is also available in the external webinar studios and you will get the service you are used to. OnlineSeminar offers professional cameras and microphones at any of studios. An autocue if you want to use it, and you have all the possibilities to communicate interactively with your audience.

More information about our webinar studios!

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