Sharing knowledge externally through webinar

Providing information about the products you sell is important. After all, the more a (potential) customer knows about your product, or the latest developments within your company, the greater the chance that this customer will take action.

Webinar as knowledge sharing tool
Wednesday, March 6, Dutch company Obvion Hypotheken made use of a webinar as a knowledge sharing tool. The objective was to inform customers about the possibilities to lower mortgage interest rates at Obvion. Led by presenter Donatello Piras, the COO, and 2 employees of the services department and the customer contact centre spoke about the possibilities to reduce the mortgage interest. Which can be achieved by, among other things, additional repayments or converting the mortgage type.

View the webinar here "Reduce mortgage interest?"

High response
At different times in the presentation, the presenter encouraged the viewers to actively participate by asking questions using the chat functionality. Over 30% of the viewers made grateful use of this and often a considerable correspondence took place. The fact that the webinar responded to an existing need is obvious with an attendance rate of over 80% until the very end of the live broadcast! As such it is not surprising that 86% of the participants indicated that they would like to follow another webinar in the future.

Successful webinar by professional approach
The webinar’s success is partly due to the highly professional approach of the webinar team at Obvion Hypotheken. A script was written and a timely search was made for a presenter who fitted the company and the message they wanted to convey. As a result, during the live broadcast, there was a pleasant interaction between presenter and speakers and there was time for answering questions from participants.

In addition, full use was made of the functionalities offered by the webinar platform of OnlineSeminar, including:

  • Chat
  • Poll questions
  • Show video during the presentation
  • Survey

If you want to know more about sharing knowledge externally through a webinar, please contact us!


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